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Joerg Anders

Joerg Anders

With a hesitant start toward my professional career I completed my education as a cook in Germany in 2006.
As in any strict hierarchy I worked my way up through different positions, from chef de partie to Garde manger then Sous chef.
The following 7 years were spent travelling and working between 5* hotels in Germany and throughout Austria during the height of the winter season.
I made my first contact with event catering upon joining DO & CO. an international operator catering large sporting events. I came to work for Formula 1 and many others here, which I truly enjoyed.
Working on live cooking stations allowed me, for the first time, a direct contact with clients and I could see the positive affect my food and the ingredients and seasonings I had chosen had on people.
Later I joined Gourmetta Restaurant & Event Catering in Radebeul near Dresden having been offered the position of Catering Manager. This is where I made my decision to move to the sunny Algarve.
In 2013 I joined one of the the Algarve’s leading event caterers as a private chef within the golden triangle.
In a short time not only my hard work, discipline, love for cooking and my respect for food and its presentation was recognised. This and my natural organisational and team leading skills opened the door to me as executive chef and with all the challenges that the position brings.
Becoming executive chef gave me a great opportunity to express my creativity even more so and with the Atlantic ocean just on my doorstep I could not imagine a better place to find fresh fish and seafood. I am a regular visitor to the local markets as I love to add and include as many possible local flavours and produce into my dishes.
The most important thing to me as executive chef is the use of best quality products and the freshest premium ingredients to maintain a continuous high standard and consistency throughout all of my dishes.
I am always searching for new products and follow new global trends in this sector.
If I am not in the kitchen cooking, for sure, you will find me in the kitchen food pairing or experimenting with and testing new components to add to my menus.
I have fallen in love with Portugal and have now made it my home.
Not the place where I was born but the place I feel I belong and have now begun my own gourmet catering business with 3 highly driven directors by my side.