Jeannette Koenitzer

I’ll never forget this beautiful, very polite lady in a 5* German hotel, asking for a cocktail, I have never mixed before.That’s where it all started!
The interest in bar work and it’s amazing cocktails have made me grow quickly. From bartender to bar master, joining the DBU (German barkeeping union), attending regular meetings with these amazing people, listening to new beverage trends in the market and allowing me to compete in competitions was a one in a lifetime experience.
With a height of 1.57m, the minimum safety requirement to become a air hostess has not worked for me, so cruise liners caught my attention.
Having not been treated in a very friendly way as I would have expected, which I put down to my young age at the time made me believe even stronger, a cruise liner to be my next job.
Travelling around the world is where I have gained my extensive knowledge and work experience over the past 20 years. Let it be the cruise liners, high end hotellerie, a small family hotel or holiday resort. Between Germany, Switzerland, Spain and running the biggest nightclub in the middle east with its 12 bars up to over 3000 people capacity until high class catering here in Portugal. My love for bar work with a passion and natural talent for sales, a strong focus on customer service, delivering the exceptionally unique has just built and become stronger over the years.
Hard work along with the ability in leading by example have made me where I am today. I would have not succeeded without my family believing in me, my long time partner Derek and beautiful son Oliver, without their understanding of my very long working hours. Not to forget all those great professionals I have met all the way through – guiding me, teaching me, all allowing to share the experience.
Work colleagues and customers alike!
What I believe in: Train, guide and look after your staff and your staff look after your business.